UnderArmour CFO’s 4 Guidelines for Success

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Like any good coach, UnderArmour CFO Brad Dickerson, wants you to succeed. Bursting with encouragement, here are a few pointers essential for success.

Get Back-Up

You’re going to have failures. Movement is life, and sometimes with movement you’re going to do stuff that in retrospect you would’ve done differently. When something goes wrong, pick  yourself up another day and keep winning. Sometimes the failures and mistakes are a little more visible to people, but that shouldn’t stop you from going out the next day.

Be Self-Aware

Don’t be afraid to be very, very self-aware of your strengths and the things that you’re not good at or the things you don’t like to do. It’s not a weakness to understand your weakness: It’s very much a strength. And when you become a manager or a leader down the road, you will be much better at understanding the balance of what you need around you because of your self-awareness than you would otherwise be.

Diversity Brings Balance

Balance as a team is critically important. If you have everybody on the team that comes from the exact same background and is good at the exact same thing, you’re going to have gaping weaknesses in your team. If you understand this and are self-aware and you hire self-aware people, that just cascades all the way down through the organization. You are able to accomplish a lot more, deal with challenges earlier and be able to deal with adversity better because of your varying backgrounds and diversity of thought.

Keep Your Passion Alive

Get involved. Help out in the community. Care about energy and put your focus in the right direction—whether it be in the area you’re working in or outside the area you’re working in—to help out.



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