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From The Editors – Sept/Oct 2013

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Autumn. The time for harvest.

While the arrival of Fall may cue the sound of football helmets clanking on Sunday afternoons and serrated knives carefully carving ghoulish faces into supernatural pumpkins, the season also perpetually brings with it something more meaningful: the promise of rewards to be reaped.

For those of us in publishing, harvest usually doesn’t entail tilling a field with our bare hands (generally speaking, we feel more comfortable behind a keyboard than a combine), but rather the opportunity to reflect on seeds that were planted in previous issues that have grown, expanded, and are ready to be plucked and shared with those at our proverbial table.

And fortunately, we have an incredibly high yield for you this issue.

For September and October, our table is filled with heralded thought leaders and contributors who bring with them insights and secrets that expand on our original mission: to explore the most-effective business practices and techniques from top-tier leaders cultivating a variety of enterprises each day.

Cultivation—by way of nurturing a corporate culture focused on leadership development—is of particular interest to Executive Connection; a diverse collective of C-suite, Dallas-based executives who regularly convene to exchange ideas and explore solutions to challenges facing A-list organizations.

In this issue, we’ll take an exclusive look inside a recent gathering, and hear from guest speaker David Spivey, Director of Leadership Development at the University of Texas at Dallas, whose comments may lead you to reevaluate your organization’s approach to development training.

And to this feast of ideas we also welcome such distinguished guests as Richard Floersch, Chief Human Resources Officer at McDonald’s, with insights into “Human Resources Tips from the World’s Biggest Brand”; Source HOV’s CFO Katy Murray on “How to change your job without burning bridges”; and Xerox General Counsel Don Liu, who answers the question, “Can a Corporation Have a Heart?”.

The conversations found within our digital edition are meant to be the first step in opening a dialog with our most important resource: you, our valued audience. We encourage you to contact our editorial staff with feedback, ideas, and ways to become involved in the publication.

And as always, we’ll save you a seat at the table.

-The Forefront Team

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