Issue 16- The Sports Collection, March/April 2015

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When you think of sports, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe a home run or hole in one, possibly teams of athletes in matching attire, or a stadium packed full of fans. Whatever the thought may be—in this Issue of Forefront, we spoke with the people who make it happen.

Executives like Kirsten Krug, Vice President of Administration for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Ken Reeves, former Pro-Football player and Chief Human Resources Officer at Fort Worth YMCA, stress the importance of helping players become better on and off the field. Danette Leighton, Chief Marketing Officer, explains how she implements the branding and marketing for one the “Conference of Champions”, the Pac-12.

Involvement with athletics in any respect can teach valuable skills for leadership, such as teamwork and working for a common goal. Our featured executives in sports give a look at what goes on before and after the big game, but also how leadership and athletics pair so well together. John Shea, Senior Director of Gatorade Sports Marketing reiterates advice you might hear on the field. “Go big or go home,” Shea says, in managing and leading his winning team.

Outside of the arena, we’re shifting the focus to executives who are focused on creating a culture of honestly and transparency. Doug Feick,CG and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Ironplanet and Tanya Avila, General Counsel, Secretary and Head of Compliance at SecureNet LLC, both come from a legal background, but give insight to important personal skills needed outside of law school.

With SmartStart’s CFO Eric Karl, he explains how his 15 years of experience with companies like GE helped shaped him to be the financial leader he is today. Much of that leadership is due to his personal strategy,where he has developed personal boundaries with team members to help create relationships for success.

So buy some peanuts and Crackerjack, and dive into the Sports Edition of Forefront Magazine, we hope you are just as excited about it as we are.
-The Forefront Editorial Team

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