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Well, it’s been quite a ride. This issue marks the second edition of Forefront, and we’ve made quite a leap.

Forefront’s inaugural issue highlighted some remarkable CEOs and entrepreneurs, but our editorial staff has turned it up a notch to provide you with an even broader perspective. Our team has been hard at work, conducting interviews with senior executives in a variety of roles in multiple industries.

We spoke with an amazing group of people, each of whom contributes a significant piece of the puzzle in their respective companies, and in this second issue of Forefront. Some of these professionals oversee all HR aspects; others all finances, or legal; some oversee technology as a whole; and others have experience in more than one of these areas. Perhaps the most interesting takeaway is that not one of these individuals felt that they are where they are because of their technical ability– their understanding of spreadsheets or the law, for instance. Rather, they attribute their success to understanding how a company works as a whole, and getting their team to be aligned within the big picture.

This issue proudly presents: 

Michael Schwindle, CFO at Harry & David, shares with us why he’s passionate about working for a midsize company, and the various ways he helps his team to understand the overall business.

Barbara Kallay (VP, HR at Royal Caribbean) and Brian Will (Global HR Partner) at Momentive. Each about six months into their roles, Kallay and Will outline the most important unwritten rules to follow when new on the job.

WWE CFO George Barrios shares his journey and the simple, three-part recipe for success he learned along the way.

In our cover story, Herman Miller’s Michael Ramirez explains what in the world an SVP of People, Places and Administration does, and how your confusion is by design.

David Thompson, CIO at Western Union explains how he uses his U.S. Air Force experience to drive results with military-like precision.

Mona Patel describes the balance she strives for and the many hats she wears as General Counsel at Livestrong Foundation.

We conceived Forefront as a way to bring you this advice and perspective in the context of personal stories. The intent is that upon reading about these impressive leaders, you will have gained important lessons and experience alongside them.

We hope you find these stories as fun and powerful as we have. We look forward to delivering more high-quality editorial content in our next issue (Jan/Feb 2013). 

— The Forefront Team

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