New Year’s reSOLUTION: Take More Breaks

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Harsco Corp.’s Verona Dorch resolves to schedule more time for rest, relaxation and her recliner.

By A. Verona Dorch

During the past year, I have celebrated my one-year anniversary in my new role, watched our new CEO celebrate his one-year anniversary and experienced numerous changes on both the executive team and across our company with the sale of a major operating segment. All throughout, I have made a commitment to my company to be a part of the team working to effect these changes and to be at the forefront of change management efforts.

I also have made a commitment to myself to carve out time on my daily calendar to step back—to sit in the comfortable recliner I have placed strategically in my office in a somewhat hidden corner, and recharge and refresh myself mentally. This is wholly good in theory, but the reality is that rather than sit back in that chair and clear my head on a daily basis, at best I get to keep my commitment to myself once a week—or less.

My resolution for the coming year is to literally force this balance by putting time on my calendar for this type of break—starting with a more realistic goal of perhaps every other day or for shorter time periods of 20 minutes or so, and to build from there. I will be of much more strategic use to my company, my team and myself if I can carve out the space necessary to think and recharge. I plan to incorporate this time in my schedule before I leave for the holidays (what a gift to come back to!), as I am all for the “work hard, play hard” motto if both parts are fully committed to.

Make the commitment to add your version of this daily reflection and re-energizing time to your calendar, whether it involves a walk, a break for coffee or conversation, or a minute to read the newspaper or a trade journal.

dorch_headshotA. Verona Dorch is Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary for Harsco Corp. Dorch was featured in Issue No. 8 of Forefront.

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