New Year’s reSOLUTIONS: Balancing Act

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Achieving a Work-Life Blend is fueling DocuSign’s Vice President of Customer Marketing and Demand Generation’s New Year’s Goals

By Meagen Eisenberg

As I approach 40 this coming year, I reflect on my delicate balance of what I call my work-life blend. While I welcome my weekends, I often can’t wait to jump back into work on Monday.  Like a good morning espresso, I look forward to what the new year will bring, what amazing things my three girls will do and what work goals I will accomplish.

IMG_5834[4]Be present

Resolutions have always intrigued me – why wait until the New Year to kick a bad habit or embrace a good one.  I have always thought of myself as a work in progress – continually seeking improvements.   If I think about what I am trying to work on now and the coming year, it is about “being present.”  I so love my mobile life – my social connections and experiences – I sometimes forget to put the phone down and live what is around me.  Even while taking Uber to my next destination, I tell myself to stop and look around and absorb.  As kids we used to take these long drives from California to Iowa.  It was a lot of car and family time, but I knew my family and it made me curious.  I want to pass on that curiosity to my children – I want their heads up observing the world.  Don’t get me wrong, I am capturing the moments of life on my mobile through social and other channels, and I fully plan to spend many a nights with a bottle of wine when I am in my 70s reliving and cherishing these social sparks.  But I also want to be in the moment with my girls while they are here, young and impressionable.  I want to take more evenings to sit on the floor and just enjoy them.

Tech incubation

And with my mobile infatuation and capturing the moment, I look to next year for what technology will bring.  It is hard to imagine now what else will be simplified.  Technologies have transformed my personal life– from Dropcam to Instagram to Accompani, and my business life – from DocuSign to Marketing Clouds to Square.  These new apps have made life and business so much more manageable and enjoyable – giving me a new perspective and replacing tedious processes.  From Dublin Web Summit to Atlanta Tech Village to Silicon Valley, I can’t wait to see what the tech communities produce.  I look forward to the fruition of what is in incubation now that will change my world and my girls’ world for the better.   I resolve to seek and embrace these technology transformations.

Work-life blend

As a role model for my three beautiful and highly impressionable daughters, I sign up to work hard, display confidence, take on challenges and teach them compassion.  I resolve to be present, to embrace and balance the technology transformations, and to check more items off my bucket list.  You will see me at my 40th sitting with my husband and children somewhere on the beach celebrating my work-life blend.


Meagen Eisenberg has spent over 19 years working in the high-tech industry. One of Top 50 most retweeted by mid-sized marketers according to AdWeek study and one of the Top 25 B2B Marketing Influencers according to InsideView.  In 2014 she won the Marketers that Matter award, in 2012 she received the SuperNova Award in Matrix Commerce from Constellation Research and in 2011 the Marketing Visionary Markie award within the marketing automation field.  Before joining DocuSign, she was Director of WW Demand Generation at ArcSight, an HP Company, and prior to that she led worldwide programs and events at TRIRIGA (acquired by IBM) for integrated workplace management systems. Prior to TRIRIGA, she was at Postini (acquired by Google) and IBM, working in solutions and product marketing for security and compliance. Earlier she worked as an IT Engineer at Cisco Systems and Applied Materials. She has a Master of Business Administration with a focus on marketing and strategy from Yale School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in MIS with a minor in CSC from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo.

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