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Gaining Exponential Experience with Each Passing Stride

CFO Jay Thompson retraces his career in finance, management, and leadership and discusses how he’s been able to put his knowledge and skills to use at Chobani.Read More
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Changing Adobe's Legal Team from the Inside Out

How channeling the servant leadership style of famed NBA player John Stockton helped General Counsel navigate change in Adobe's legal department during the company's transition to the cloud.Read More

Growth through Gratefulness: Inspiring, Empowering, and Transforming Your Department

Lesley Elwell, VP of Human Resources for Customer Care at DirecTV, discusses her transition through three career disciplines and how she’s relied on events she witnessed from her upbringing in Venezuela to spur her onward and lead her team.Read More
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Sweet Dreams: Investing in Your Associates at a Personal Level

Mars Food North America’s Vice President of People and Organization, Maria Lane, discusses the company’s family-oriented atmosphere and how she’s always encouraging associates to dream big.Read More

“The Next Question” Is the Hallmark of the Transformational Human Resources Leader

John Schierer explains the difference between a transactional and tranformative HR professional.Read More

Effective Leadership in a Decentralized Business Framework

Amy Byron-Oilar, Chief People Officer at the Ross School of Business, shares tips on rallying change amongst dispersed staff and the importance of transparency and feedback in leadership.Read More