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How to Lead a Global Team

Lenovo’s executive committee has members from 6 different nationalities and the top 100 executives come from 20 different nations. Gina Qiao, Lenovo’s SVP of HR, shares her story of how she learned to lead and communicate with her global team.Read More

You're not there to say "no": Don’t Over-Lawyer it. Have a Good Business Mind.

Donna Edbril, SVP and General Counsel of Caché, shares what she has learned from her career as in-house counsel and building three legal teams from scratch.Read More
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Scrappiness, Emotional Intelligence and a Dash of Seasoning is all You Need to Succeed in HR

Unity Technologies Chief People Officer, Elizabeth Brown, shares her story of how trusting her gut has always led her in the right direction.Read More

A Career Plot Twist That Led Straight to the C-Suite

Armed with a creative writing degree and ambitions of writing the next great American novel, Towers Watson CHRO Gail McKee relates how a job she’d expected to be short-term turned into prolific career within HR.Read More
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How to Take on a Newly-Created Position

As the first Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Huckabee and Associates, Gale Moericke has contributed immensely to the company’s rapid growth.Read More

It Chooses You: An Unexpected Route to a Career That You Love

Stephanie Neuvirth, Chief HR and Diversity officer at City of Hope, planned on working in marketing after college. Fate had other ideas.Read More

  Issue 16 – March/April 2015

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For the Good of the HR Tribe
A strong emphasis on company culture has been instrumental in rebuilding Sears Holding Corp., according to CHRO Dean CarterRead More
A Coach’s Approach and a Collective Mentality
Smart Start, Inc. CFO Eric Karl discusses how his early career tutelage at GE under Jack Welch, Gary Wendt, and Larry Bossidy helped to color his approach to leadershipRead More
A Heavy-Lifting Triple Threat at IronPlanet
Doug Feick, GC and SVP of Corporate Development,fulfills a triune role as an administrator, manager and chief legal officer at the international online marketplaceRead More
Finance and Firewalls: Information Security and a Business’ Bottom Line
With a Business Administration degree and a background in computer science, G6 Hospitality’s Chief Information Security Officer Harvey Ewing sets his department’s strategy in line with the overall organizational objectivesRead More
Setting the Stage for Success in Sales
Floyd W. Green III, Corporate Vice President and Head of Community Relations and Urban Marketing at Aetna, reflects on the ways in which his theater background has informed his approach as a corporate executive and leader.Read More
A Harmonious Stream of Excellence, Adventure & Beauty
CHRO Kristen Robinson and the collaborative cooperation that keeps Pandora Radio hitting all the right notesRead More