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Career-Long Learning Put to the Test

Nick Khadder brings lessons he learned from previous leaders and legal roles and applies them to his position as General Counsel at Amyris, Inc.Read More

The Most Accurate BuzzFeed Quiz of All

The company’s GC and EVP Legal, Allison Lucas, discusses the process of building up its first in-house legal department and how her position blends her personal and professional expertise and interests.Read More

The Importance of Networking and Taking Risks

Marc Nichols, Legal Counsel & Director of Compliance at Rolls-Royce North America, explains how networking and taking risks have helped him grow personally and professionally.Read More
Gerri Kornblut (Redo) 11

Turning Fantasy into an Impactful Reality

Gerri Kornblut, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Dwellworks, explains how fictional lawyers spurred an interest in law that would lead to a legal career in which she could impact the next generation of lawyers.Read More

Using Challenges as Conduits to Create Company Cohesion

Lori Johnston, SVP of HR at Celanese, explains that propagating massive challenges for the department can forge company solidarity.Read More

Find the Right People, Then Get Out of the Way

Even at a high tech-company, it’s important not to forget that humans are at the wheelRead More