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Going Beyond The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

Former Chief Information Officer for Ace Hardware, Karen Fedyszyn, discusses how she mapped vision and innovation in a global IT toolbox.Read More

Working Towards Passion and Purpose

Lisa Haugh, Former General Counsel for Achievers, works to grow her own organization just as Achievers helps other companies get the same buy-in from their own teams.Read More
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It’s All About Motivation

Kathy O'Driscroll, Chief Human Resources Officer at PATH, shares how understanding motivations leads to alignment.Read More

Want To Connect Your Legal Team To The Business? Help Them Understand The Finances

Greg Birge, Chief Legal Officer at Purchasing Power, discusses how his background in finance has helped him connect to the business as a legal executive and better support a growing organization.Read More

How to Create a Culture of Appreciation to Keep Your Team in Good Spirits

By showing recognition and being accommodating with his team, Brian Chevlin, General Counsel for Pernod Ricard, builds a dedicated and committed legal team.Read More
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Ready to Shake up Your Board? Consider Adding More Women

Only 19% of corporate board of directors seats are filled by women. With our friends at The Board Connection, we asked our executive network why it's important to increase this number and how to do it.Read More