Divine Intervention: From the Priesthood to Progressive Talent Partners

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Paul Gorrell on his building authentic executive leaders via executive coaching and consulting By Charlene Oldham When Executive Coach and Consultant Paul Gorrell helps clients with their career paths, he knows that the road is not always straight ahead. He can look back on the winding road of his own work life to help them navigate detours and unexpected destinations. With …


Editor’s Note – July/Aug 2014 Issue

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Whether you have been glued to your television watching World Cup soccer matches or spending your summer evenings as a spectator to little league games, you may have noticed something: the teams that succeed—regardless of their age or talent level—are the teams that have cohesiveness. Through clear communication, all of the separate parts are able to work together and drive …


Desk Chair Quarterbacks and the Fight to Get Off the Bench

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A look into a CareerBuilder Study Suggesting That Bulging Waistlines Could Be Flattening Production By Jaclyn Crawford The office lifestyle may seem fast-paced, but the sedentary nature of deskwork is the cause of more than half of American workers’ declining physical fitness. Our friends at CareerBuilder shared with us results  of a recent study indicating that 55 percent of workers categorize …