Executive Insight: Understanding the ‘Why’

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With the help of her team, Transplace CHRO Adrianne Court gets to the bottom of why employees change positions Editor’s Note: We asked some of our featured executives what they thought of the recent finding that 21 percent of full-time workers will be leaving their current position in 2014. Here is Adrianne Court’s response. I’m not surprised by the CareerBuilder …

Seven Techniques For Handling Project Failures

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One must fail to survive, and thus adapt to failing Let me be perfectly clear: You are going to fail. If you do not, you are not going to survive. Every business owner needs to push the envelope. We need to develop new products, new services, new partnerships and new delivery mechanisms. With innovation comes the harsh reality of failure. …

The New World of One Degree

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How Kevin Bacon is changing sales. If you were born in the age of bell bottoms like me, you probably have played at one time or another the old parlor game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” or “Six Degrees of Separation,” which suggested that any two people on Earth are six or fewer acquaintances apart from each other—from Kevin Bacon, …

Creating Success – Steve Milovich, SVP of Global HR, Talent & Workforce Diversity for Disney-ABC Television Group

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An imagineer in his own right, Steve Milovich, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources, Talent & Workforce Diversity for Disney-ABC Television Group, puts his creativity to use in developing and implementing innovative HR programs.