From the Editors – March/April 2013

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Hello again, readers —

Spring is quickly approaching, and with that comes the fourth edition of Forefront. The new year brought new goals and challenges, and with the new season, we hope readers continue to find inspiration in the stories of the business professionals profiled within our pages.

In this issue, we proudly feature eight professionals in wide-ranging lines of work, including HR, technology and operations. With each interview, we heard a similar theme: Keep learning. Some interviewees spoke about young professionals gaining knowledge and skills early in their careers, while others discussed learning from unexpected change.

Among these ongoing-learning advocates are:

Lucy Kalkman, VP of Operations at Empire Today. Lucy accredits working hard in her teens to growing into the high-level position she holds today.

Jeanette Sanchez, VP of IT for Carefusion. She addresses how adapting to change helped her develop a personal method for being successful in her profession.

Delida Costin, General Counsel for Pandora Radio. Delida talks about the value of working with “reverse mentors” in their respective fields of expertise.

Craig Gosselin, Senior VP, General Counsel and HR for PacSun. Core values are essential to a company and its employees, and Craig dives deeper into why.

Steve Milovich, Senior VP of Global Human Resources for Disney/ABC Television. Early in his career, Steve faced big challenges that taught him valuable lessons he still applies in his role today.

The executives featured in Issue No. 4 give us a great platform to start thinking about how we and our employees can learn within the workplace for successful futures. Our team hopes you enjoy this issue, and we look forward to being another learning resource for you in our May/June edition.

– The Forefront Team.

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