The “Traditional” Workday

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Skype meetings, wireless connections, and Google drive makes for a portable office from your laptop. But, is it a good idea?

With more people telecommuting now more than ever, there has been a work-culture shift from the traditional office mindset of the 9-to-5 workday. For some, work can be done from virtually anywhere with the help of a WiFi connection, coffee shops are sometimes running out of seats (and outlets if you ask me) with people on their computers working on their latest project and sipping on their favorite cup of joe.

“Filling the requirement of being in an office is far from motivating,” is what Ilya Pozin recently stated in his LinkedIn blog post. In this post, Pozin talks about the shift from tradition to a more open set of office hours that increases passion for the job and aids in project teamwork. These four points are worth a look, check it out here.

There may not be a right answer to this ongoing debate, but we do know that there is a giant shift happening in the way people think about how they work. There is a shift in job title for many telecommuters when working from outside the office, or taking control of their own hours. In a FastCompany article, Cali Williams Yost says “more of us work from different locations and across time zones, and, if we aren’t careful, our other priorities get lost in the shuffle.” She gives four tips to help the telecommuter who is now realizing these new roles.

What do you think should happen to the workday?

 –– The Forefront Staff

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