From The Office: Issue 6 Reflection

Jaclyn Crawford Foresight, From the Forefront Office Leave a Comment

Much like the features we have spoken with, we are constantly learning. Here is our reflection of putting together the latest edition of Forefront.

Issue 6 came out last week, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.  In the midst of getting out this issue, we were learning a lot about the importance of communication, in and out of the office.

picstitchMany meetings were held to discuss how to handle different process changes that were occurring, and how we could better communicate with all the moving parts that were happening at once.  Through talking and brainstorming, we came to conclusions on how to streamline workflow and progress through effective communication, record keeping, and setting up checkpoints for the different projects we have going on.

When looking through the past issue, I see many examples of executives who deal with change in their workplace. One in particular is Susan McLaughlan, CHRO of Stewart Title. In her story she said, “Change is leaving the shore of what is unknown. My job is to alleviate the fear of the unknown with clear communication of where we are going together on that journey.”

Clear communication is key when making any sort of transition, something we have learned first-hand in the past few months. And it seems like many of our features issue share advice on how maintaining that clear communication helped them in their careers as well. If you haven’t read it yet, Kimberly Gerber of Excelerate, wrote a guest article for us on how to communicate effectively through all the virtual channels we use today. I found tip #2 to be particularly helpful in improving my overall communication.

Let’s hear from you: What have you found to be helpful when your organization is making changes and what have you learned?

Comments, thoughts, feedback?