The Picture of Success: What Does it Look Like To You?

Jaclyn Crawford Foresight, From the Forefront Office Leave a Comment

Success looks different to everyone. Share what it looks like to you, and you could have a chance of being featured on the Forefront Magazine blog.

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Achieving success looks different to everyone, and it is rarely in monetary form.  At Forefront, we feature executives and leaders in their fields who have a clear vision of what success means, and it often is a bit outside of the box.  In the next coming weeks, we will be featuring stories of leaders who have their own, unique success stories—and most times it isn’t what you think.

But first, we want to hear from YOU, our readers. We want to know what success looks like to you, and one lucky winner will have their chance to share their story right here on the blog.  To participate, tag us (Forefront Magazine, @forefrontmag) in your photo that represents success on Facebook, Twitter. During the week of August 26- August 30, we will choose our favorites and let you vote for your favorite submission. The winner will have their chance to share their story on the blog. Keep checking back this week for examples of what the Forefront staff thinks success looks like.

So start sending what you see. Most times, the picture of success is right in front of you.

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