A Look Back at Issue 7

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One year ago, Forefront released the first issue. Now, we’re looking back at lessons we’ve learned.

“It’s all about the team- all about helping and supporting each other, from the top down.” Mark Julien, CFO, Kronos

In just my six months I have spent at Forefront, I have seen the company grow, adjust and learn as situations present themselves. And with Issue 7, our biggest issue yet, that is no different. Personally, I do not think I have felt as accomplished with an issue as I have with this one. Behind the scenes, there are many moving parts in producing and issue. Many people need to be in the loop at once to have an understanding of the set goals and what needs to be done. With the magazine growing, we adjust and learn– as a team.

As any business, everyone has a different function and it is working towards a common goal, and learning together that makes a team strong. In this issue, we can see examples of other teams that are successful. Mark Foster, VP of HR at National Instruments, shares how his team has helped make his company one of the best to work for. And Mark Julien focuses on explaining how it was his team that helped Kronos’ transition successfully.

I look forward to seeing how Forefront’s team grows and learns in the next year- it is always exciting!



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Jaclyn Crawford is the Social Media & Editorial Coordinator at Forefront Magazine.

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