Editor’s Note – Nov/Dec 2013

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Not to imply that we put too much thought into these things, but what you see before you is our eighth issue. As in number eight. And if you don’t already know, eight is a very lucky number.

According to astronomers in the Middle Ages, the night sky was filled with eight unmoving stars that symbolized perfection and impending planetary alignment. For the Japanese, eight, or hachi, is considered lucky in light of how the lines of the character broaden gradually, conveying prosperity. Likewise, the Chinese have long associated eight with wealth and hold the number in such high regard that they kicked off the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony at 8:08:08 PM (local time, naturally) on 8/08/08.

While we’d like to think this issue is subject to the same exacting standards as an Olympic opening ceremony, we can definitely stand behind the claim that prosperity and success are overriding themes for November/December.

For our eighth issue, the heavens have aligned to bring you leaders from across a spectrum of disciplines, including finance, law, marketing, operations, and human resources. Inside, you’ll find the keys to prosperity and success courtesy of several voices, including John Gasporovic, general counsel for motor vehicle parts and systems supplier BorgWarner, who stimulates innovation by adopting the same leadership style as Apple founder, Steve Jobs; Angelo Gencarelli, who as CFO for The Results Companies, has found a winning recipe in treating clients and customers like they’re regulars in the chain of donut shops once owned by his family; and Global VP of Human Resources at Career Builder, Rosemary Haefner, who advocates that believing in capable people may in fact be the best corporate strategy any leader can put forward.

And while eight issues may not be as impressive as 800, it means that are we headed in the right direction, and hopefully, bringing you content and context that enriches you as a professional and keeps you coming back for more.

As we close out 2013, we are eternally grateful for your continued support and wish you continued success for the coming year. And when we do get to issue 800, we’ll know exactly who to thank.

The Forefront Magazine Staff

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