New Year’s reSOLUTIONS: Brake Time

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Slowing down and enjoying the ride will help Executive Connection director Kenton Kisler manage work-life balance

By Kenton Kisler

Personally and professionally, 2013 was a great year, as I was able to get a tremendous amount accomplished. On a scale between one and 10 (10 being highest), I would rate my goals achievement at a seven.

Planning Time

Time management seems to have been the biggest hurdle for me. I find myself over-committing and being pulled in too many directions, which not only impacts me but affects those with whom I’m connected. As I look ahead to the new year and new goals, time management is at the top of the list.

Other important goals include: improving my overall communication and being better at expressing the how and what, making sure that I’m 100 percent present in everything that I’m doing, and most importantly taking the time to stop and be patient. Continuing to always run at top speed impacts my level of patience, so for myself and everyone around me, I’m committed to applying the brakes and enjoying the road that life has put in front of me.

Here is a toast to high integrity, financial success, being the best husband/father/son, and enjoying and embracing those around me.

 kkjpg2Kenton Kisler is the executive director of Executive Connection.

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