How to Bend it Like Reichart

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Former college soccer player and current Chief Financial Officer at Zimbra, Kristin Reichart, shares with young professionals what it takes to succeed both on the field and off.

By Jill Yarberry-Laybourn

Most young ambitious professionals know that they are going to have to put in some effort to get to the top. But according to Reichart, effort alone won’t get the job done; young professionals need to show that they have a “stalwart work ethic.” When Reichart looks for talent to add to her team, she has to know that they are hardworking. “Coming from the sports world, that work ethic was drilled into me from the very beginning.”

Reichart’s second piece of advice is to “find the right team to play for; find that right place where you can add value, where you can be challenged…go where you can get exposure to the things you want to get exposed to.” The hiring process isn’t a one-way street, and young professionals need to find the company and the role that is a right fit for them.

Reichart’s final piece of advice is one that may get overshadowed by monetary rewards and titles, but it may be the most important. “Find a place where the work is fun.”

Kristin_ReichertKristen Reichart is the Chief Financial Officer at Zimbra. She was featured in Issue 13 of Forefront Magazine.

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