New Year’s reSOLUTIONS: Treasured Family Moments

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SVP of Marketing, Kellie Richter, reflects on the past year to see that there will be many special times in 2015

By Kellie Richter

Approaching the 2015 New Year means not only that the time for renewal and resolution is approaching, but also that the academic year is nearly at its midpoint.

This time of year always seems to be in “fast-forward mode” accelerating from September until January. As I reflect upon that speeding passage of time, I realize that as the mother of two sons, my husband and I only have about 18 months until my oldest, now a junior in high school, will be leaving home for college. Life at work will no doubt be as demanding as ever in 2015 which means I’ll need to be vigilant about enjoying as many moments together as a family as possible, and about savoring the sounds upstairs at home of laughter, loud noises, and sometimes fighting, of two boys.

Since my husband and I balance both demanding work and volunteer schedules and support the boys in navigating their academic requirements and athletic activities, it is easy to get to Friday and wonder where the past week has gone–let alone the past month, and soon–the year!  The Holidays and the New Year in particular represent for me a great time to reflect on and appreciate work, health, friends and family.  My resolution for 2015 will certainly include ongoing focus and commitment to those priorities but with special emphasis on family!

Kellie Richter is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Behringer. She was featured in issue 12 of Forefront Magazine.

Kellie Richter

Kellie Richter

Kellie Richter is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Behringer Harvard. She is responsible for directing the marketing strategies and team of marketing professionals in order to raise capital for alternative investment programs through partnerships, institutions and financial advisors.

Kellie is also Board Secretary of The Board Connection, a nonprofit organization founded to increase the number of women serving on corporate boards through programs designed to develop, influence, and connect credentialed women with board governance opportunities.

Behringer Harvard is a commercial real estate company investing in assets domestically and internationally.
Kellie Richter

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