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Chris Arrigali, Global Vice President of Information Technology at The Results Companies, explains the parallels between the sports world and the work world.

By Charlene Oldham

For veteran athletes, one of the most difficult aspects of becoming a coach is learning to let go of a starring role and step to the sidelines.

And the work world is sometimes no different.

It’s a “very difficult and delicate balance to maintain, as those approach the fork in the road in their career path where they aren’t ready to let go of the hands-on technical responsibilities they have had to date as senior members of their respective teams, but do want to cross the bridge into management of those areas,” said Chris Arrigali, Global Vice President of Information Technology at The Results Companies.

Although Arrigali’s IT organization is busy supporting 10,000-plus employees with presence in 20 call and contact centers located in the United States, Mexico, India, Costa Rica and the Philippines, he makes it a priority to spend time mentoring potential managers and creating blended roles that allow them to gradually transition from technologist to supervisors.

“Helping our employees realize their potential and help them develop their career path is one of the aspects of my job I find most rewarding.”

But not every team member is ready to trade a jersey for a suit.

“Going back to the sports world, not every great player can be a great coach. So, at the end of the day, not every technician can be a great manager,” he said. “I would say there’s definitely a different mindset.”

Charlene Oldham is a freelance writer at Forefront Magazine.


Charlene Oldham

Contributing Writer at Forefront Magazine
Charlene Oldham is a St. Louis-based teacher and freelancer.

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