5 Pieces of Advice for Veterans Starting Their Civilian Career

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Editor’s Note: From the Navy to Chief Strategy Officer of Kronos, Bob Hughes is passionate about mentoring young veterans who are transitioning into civilian life. These are five pieces of advice Hughes offers veterans as well as young people starting their careers.

#1:  Keep the big picture in mind

“It’s human nature to focus on the here and now. My advice to people is to take the long view. A career is a long journey.”

#2:  Don’t be afraid to be pigeon-holed

“There’s so much value that comes from digging in and being a specialist doing the hard things other people don’t like to do. That gives rise to a strong work ethic. It will lead to a sense of accomplishment, take you down paths that you didn’t expect.”

#3:  Take the hard road

“Take the hard classes. Study topics other people say are too tough. It differentiates and defines you. That, coupled with focus and work ethic, lead you to be successful in whatever path you take.”

#4:  Pursue your passion

“Don’t worry about success or failure. Find what you enjoy and the success will come. Figure out your best fit.”

#5:  Follow up

“The old Navy adage is, ‘You get what you inspect.’ You only achieve the results you want through inspection.”



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