The CIO and CMO As Business Partners

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Forefront is a very strong advocate of professionals learning to speak the languages of their colleagues in other functions to better interact with one another. Our friends at Oracle have put together an insightful article on how to improve the sometimes contentious relationship between Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs).

The Business of Culture

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 Michelle Joseph, Talent Acquisition Expert and CEO of PeopleFoundry, explains why culture is the best investment you’ll ever make. Any buzz you hear about company culture always seems to feature legendarily successful businesses like Google or Facebook. Their employees work on exercise balls, nerf guns in the office and draft beer on tap. Their work life seems like a college …

Spreading Acts of Kindness Through Workplace Introductions

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Here’s a new recipe for Random Acts of Kindness: giving much-needed workplace introductions for friends and colleagues. By Sunny K. Lurie We’ve heard about Random Acts of Kindness spreading around the world. Recently, I was the lucky recipient of a random act of kindness when a car in front of me at a drive-through paid for my coffee –wow, impressive! …

Make Your Office a Vehicle for Culture

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If you think an office is mainly about walls, desks, computers and copy machines, think again. Commercial real estate expert Howard Ecker explains how the location and design of his offices reinforce his company’s vision and values. When I begin working with clients who are looking for an office, I don’t usually start with questions about how many square feet …

Creating Your “A-Team”

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Hiring highly talented and motivated people (“A Players”) can spell the difference between success and mediocrity for your organization. Your business doesn’t run itself. The quality of your organization depends on the quality of your team: A motivated, energized staff is the key to companywide success. You want “A Players,” those colleagues who contribute disproportionately to the advancement and profitability …

Why Your Employees Need To Get Moving

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A new study proves that over half of all workers are overweight, contributing to a less productive workplace. The office lifestyle may seem fast-paced, but the sedentary nature of deskwork is the cause of more than half of American workers’ declining physical fitness. Our friends at CareerBuilder shared with us results of a recent study indicating that 55 percent of …

This is NOT Your Grandfather’s Office Space

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Working environments are radically shifting to satisfy the needs of both employers and employees.  Once upon a time, companies had a very straightforward approach of giving each employee his or her own office space, desk, computer and other required work supplies. Times have changed, however, and this simplified strategy may no longer define the ideal workspace. There are several factors …

Five Qualities Great Workspaces Have

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Howard Ecker shares the characteristics of offices that keep employees motivated. Productive office space is created and nurtured by many different things. In today’s working world, it is important to tailor your office space to the needs, wants and expectations of current and prospective employees as well as the clients you serve. One Roof Getting everyone under one roof at …

A New Way to Work

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With telecommuting on the rise, the executive leader is looking to alternative workplace strategies The Internet has created a change of pace in people’s lives—in the way they work, live and play. It has also created a movement happening worldwide, a movement of people who are finding a new way to work together. The coworking movement is drastically reshaping the …