Looking Back – Issue 5

Jaclyn Crawford Foresight, From the Forefront Office Leave a Comment

Taking a step back to see what we have taken away from issue 5 of the Magazine.

In this issue, we have had the pleasure of speaking with many inspirational business leaders that have learned so much and are continuing to grow in their careers. One common theme that is easily spotted throughout is how many of our featured executives have had to make their own paths within their careers and workplaces.

CoverUpon starting at Opus Bank, Brad Davis, CMO, changed the marketing department by removing it, and asking everyone in the company to participate. He created change within his workplace and a new path for company marketing.

Jill Pollock, VP of Employee and Information Services & CHRO, was one of the first women in her field. She has had to make her own path and conquer unique battles in her career path, all while learning and growing along the way.

Even in our own office, we are trailblazing our own paths, brainstorming new ideas daily and coming up with a plan to make them happen. These stories gave us inspiration as well as motivation to game-plan for the future of Forefront.

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