Core Competencies and Best Behaviors Go Hand-in-Hand at the Fort Worth YMCA

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CHRO and Former NFL Player Ken Reeves on the leadership development program his team has adopted and implemented at the Fort Worth YMCA.

It goes without saying that the most dynamic human resources managers and executives are those with a knack for finding the optimal match between personnel and position; a person with just the right skillset meeting an organization in its place of need can be mutually beneficial and cause either side to flourish.

Beyond the abilities specific to a particular job, however, are those transferrable qualities which are efficacious to success in virtually any endeavor. Moreover, there’s the attitude and approach one brings to even beginning to find a solution to a given problem. This completeness is something that Chief Human Resources Officer Ken Reeves believes transcends the business world, as he says “you have to be a whole person and develop your whole self to be successful in life in general.”

To that end, the YMCA at Fort Worth has a list of Competencies, as well as a list of Behaviors, and it stresses each in its Leadership Development Program. These are designed to outfit members of the HR team with not just the tools to succeed, but also the disposition to work most effectively with their peers, superiors, and subordinates.

Ken shed some light on the competencies and behaviors and added that one cannot have the competencies, but not the behaviors or vice versa; for him, it doesn’t matter that you merely got something done, but also how you arrived at that result.


  1. Ability to Develop Clear Strategies to support the vision of the organization
  2. Ability to develop new and cultivate long term relationships
  3. Drives results
  4. Gains alignment and commitment of others
  5. Communicates effectively
  6. Makes informed and timely decisions


  1. Promotes sustainability through philanthropy
  2. Develops relationships with and among members/participants
  3. Teamwork
  4. Policy/Standards
  5. Diversity


Ken Reeves will be featured in issue 16 of Forefront Magazine, out March 13.

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