New Year’s reSOLUTION: Penciling in Productivity

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Office Organizing Expert Kacy Paide resolves to make professional growth a part of her morning routine.

By Kacy Paide

I have a friend who has every minute of her day scheduled on a spreadsheet, starting with her alarm going off at 6 am, followed by 20 minutes of washing up, followed by 25 minutes of watching Jon Stewart over oatmeal and coffee, ending with lights out at 10 pm sharp. She checks email only three times each day, at the same time every day. She once gave me a much deserved “email smackdown” as I reached for my phone during dinner.

The result? I didn’t check email on my phone for one year. My compulsion stopped cold turkey at that Thai restaurant dinner table. I’m honored she still calls me a friend. She holds the people in her life to high standards. The best friends are the ones who encourage, strong-arm or even shame us into being a greater version of ourselves.

I’m going to use this friend as my muse for scheduling productivity into my day, instead of stumbling upon it the night before a trip or a blog post is due. To do this, I am resolving in 2014 to incorporate my professional life into my existing morning ritual. In 2013, I started meditating twice a day. I do it religiously within minutes of waking up. It works because no exceptions are ever made. That is followed by a short journaling session in my 5 Minute Journal.

I’d like to spend 15 minutes of offline time on my business before checking email or opening the Web. I imagine I’ll plan my day, set goals, write or just sit in front of a blank sheet of paper and see what comes out. For this to happen, I’ll have to wake up 15 minutes earlier, just as I began waking up 20 minutes earlier to meditate. As an organizer I’ve witnessed proof of people’s ability to change. Change happens when someone is motivated from within and given specific, small steps to begin a new habit. I’m approaching the new year with both elements in place. However, it certainly won’t start at 6 am.

_IMG_4757 (1)Kacy Paide is an Office Organizing Expert with The Inspired Office. She loves to do what most people hate: organize offices and paper. Paide has been a Professional Organizer since 2001 and has worked with more than 500 clients.
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