What Success Looks Like: A Summer Sunset

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For Lucy Kalkman, VP of Operations at Empire Today , success looks like summers spent lakeside, building memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime.

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By Lucy Kalkman

Success is watching the sun rise over the lake with my family, fishing off of the dock, and watching my children catch their first fish. It is watching the miles of smiles on my children’s faces while they’re tubing, water skiing, or wake boarding. It is watching them get up on their skis for the first time or turning that first water trick. Success is experiencing beautiful sunsets with my family, watching outdoor movies at night on the big screen, and going for night cruises on the boat. It is watching my children laugh and have fun with their cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends.

SunsetSuccess is being able to get away from it all once in a while with the ones I love. It is getting away from the demanding schedules during the week and losing yourself for a couple of days with your family, building memories you know will last a lifetime. For my husband and me, our weekends on the lake with our family make it worth all of the sacrifices we have made throughout our careers—all of the long hours we have put in at the office, the demanding travel schedules, and missed social events. Sharing our success with our family and experiencing these moments make it worth everything we have ever done to further our careers.

Our summers on the lake are a great bonding time for our family, and we look forward to it year after year. Sharing this special opportunity with my children, watching them enjoy themselves, and building these family memories—this is what success is all about.


Lucy Kalkman is the vice president of operations at Empire Today. She was featured in issue 4 of Forefront Magazine, read her story.

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