Food for Work, Love, and Everything in Between

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Food isn’t just about survival for Susie Fogelson, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy at Food Network and Cooking Channel—it is about relationships and making memories.

For some, food is about survival: It is a need and a means to an end. But for Susie Fogelson, food is not only the focus of her career, but also a vehicle for relationship and for creating good memories.

The fact that she is an executive at Food Network doesn’t come as much of a shock to Fogelson’s friends and acquaintances. They tell her, “You were always talking about what we were going to do for lunch… You always tell us what you ate or made for dinner.”

Upon reflection, Fogelson realizes that she has always been a “food person down deep.” That“food person” developed as part of her environment growing up. “We lived in LA, but my dad was a New Yorker through and through. He just had these rituals around food that I can remember so distinctly. No weekend was complete without a trip out for the best bagels, deli, and pizzeria.”  With a laugh, she adds, “My dad was a carbs guy!”

Likewise, Fogelson adds, “People around me loved food, not eating tons of food but eating great food and traveling for it. I just sort of fell in love with that idea, and I have always had people who loved me through good food, grandparents who cooked for me, a lot of family time at the table. I guess I would say I have a lot of good feelings around food…”

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