New Year’s reSOLUTIONS: Living Well

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Forefront’s contributor on office health, Glenneth Reed has made being her healthiest self priority No. 1 for 2014.


Looking back at 2013 and ahead to 2014, I know I have progressed in my journey to a healthy life, but I am definitely a work in progress. Two leg surgeries in the past 12 months have certainly slowed my progress. With my 45th birthday looming right after 2015 begins, I plan to use 2014 to become my healthiest self ever. If I expect to live to 90 (or beyond), I would like the second half of my life to be as healthy as possible to prevent injuries and diseases that often occur as one ages.

After obtaining a holistic health coach certification in September 2013, my next step is becoming a certified personal trainer in 2014. My studies have started with an expected certification date in April 2014. I plan to use my newfound knowledge on myself and to help women of all ages start their journey to a healthier life.

I will use 2014 to become stronger than ever through weight lifting, high-intensity training and possibly CrossFit. I plan to continue walking as many 5Ks as I can fit into my schedule, as they are something I truly enjoy. I also want to find a regular yoga class for relaxation and meditation. I want to make my fitness diverse and enjoyable so I don’t get bored and my body doesn’t have time to adapt to any one thing.

Because exercise can only get you so far, I plan to work on my nutrition and healthy eating as well. I want to concentrate on intuitive eating and learning to cook some healthy dishes. I plan to work on an 80/20 balance between healthy foods and indulgences because I believe no foods are off limits and everything can be eaten in moderation.

In a nutshell, my goal is to be my healthiest self ever at the end of 2014. I am sure I will stumble and have setbacks, but healthy is my ultimate goal.


Glenneth Reed is a certified Holistic Health Coach and blogs at Let’s Talk and Walk. She is 44 years old and is trying to get healthy through walking, cycling, making healthier decisions and having fun. During the day, she is an AdWords Specialist for an Internet marketing company.

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  1. Malissa Ament

    Great post! Congratulations on your health coach certification & good luck with your personal trainer certification!

    Healthy, happy 2014 to you & your family!

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