A Personal and Professional High Wire Act

Jill Yarberry-Laybourn Finance, Issue 13 - Sept/Oct 2014 Leave a Comment

Zimbra CFO Kristin Reichert on Balancing Myriad Work Tasks and Her Full-Time Responsibilities of Being a Wife and Mother of Four By Jill Yarberry-Laybourn Professionals today walk a tightrope, balancing numerous responsibilities at work and at home. There are often obstacles along the path, and the weight on one’s shoulders sometimes gets out of balance. Those executives who are truly effective …


The Secret to CFO Success Isn’t Math

Stephanie Harris Finance, Issue 10 - March/April 2014 Leave a Comment

It’s management, according to Marc Washington, CFO of Beachbody. He explains why the best finance executives act more like businesspeople than bankers. By  Stephanie Harris With a background in business, Marc Washington was not your traditional Chief Financial Officer (CFO). But his willingness to take on new opportunities in unfamiliar territories led Washington to his current role as President and …

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UnderArmour CFO’s 4 Guidelines for Success

Jaclyn Crawford Foresight, From the Forefront Office Leave a Comment

Like any good coach, UnderArmour CFO Brad Dickerson, wants you to succeed. Bursting with encouragement, here are a few pointers essential for success. Get Back-Up You’re going to have failures. Movement is life, and sometimes with movement you’re going to do stuff that in retrospect you would’ve done differently. When something goes wrong, pick  yourself up another day and keep …