Ten Steps to Get that Promotion You’ve Been Eyeing

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 With appropriate planning and strategy, you can reach that promotion you’ve been eyeing An increasing trend in corporate America today is the feeling of being “stuck” in your current job, with little to slow opportunity for promotion. More executives are staying put because of economic conditions, fear of the unknown and valuing what they have even though they may be …

One Year Later: A Follow-Up with Barbara Kallay

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VP of HR at Royal Caribbean, Barbara Kallay, elaborates on how she has adapted to her changing work environment Editor’s Note: In our Nov/Dec 2012 edition, we spoke with Barbara Kallay about her first six months as VP of Human Resources (HR) at Royal Caribbean. Now that she has been working in the role for more than a year, the …

One Year Later: Following Up with Brian Will

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Brian Will, Global HR Partner at Momentive, shares how he has been successful during a time of transition Editor’s Note: Almost a year ago now, we spoke with Brian Will, who was just taking the reins as Global Human Resources (HR) Partner at Momentive. We checked back in with Will to see what he has been up to, how things …

Breaking Down Barriers – Jill Pollock, VP of Employee and Information Services and CHRO at University of Colorado

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By Stephanie Harris Jill Pollock began her career at a time when the professional world was much different for women than it is today. As one of the first women to hold a management position for a major corporation, she constantly was breaking down barriers—and has been doing so ever since. Pollock began her career with Ford Motor Company in …

Improving Office Happiness – Cornerstone OnDemand 2013 Employee Report

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It is the question that is asked by many HR managers; “How do we keep good employees happy and retain them for future growth?” A recent study showed that 27 percent of employees do not plan to be in their current position in three years of less. The Cornerstone OnDemand 2013 Employee report surveyed working professionals around the country to …

From the Editors – March/April 2013

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Hello again, readers — Spring is quickly approaching, and with that comes the fourth edition of Forefront. The new year brought new goals and challenges, and with the new season, we hope readers continue to find inspiration in the stories of the business professionals profiled within our pages. In this issue, we proudly feature eight professionals in wide-ranging lines of …

Creating Success – Steve Milovich, SVP of Global HR, Talent & Workforce Diversity for Disney-ABC Television Group

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An imagineer in his own right, Steve Milovich, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources, Talent & Workforce Diversity for Disney-ABC Television Group, puts his creativity to use in developing and implementing innovative HR programs.

From the Editors – Nov/Dec 2012

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Well, it’s been quite a ride. This issue marks the second edition of Forefront, and we’ve made quite a leap. Forefront’s inaugural issue highlighted some remarkable CEOs and entrepreneurs, but our editorial staff has turned it up a notch to provide you with an even broader perspective. Our team has been hard at work, conducting interviews with senior executives in …